The Ark was birthed out of (and is still supported) by a group of various local churches. As a result, we work to a distinctly Christian ethos and value statement. Our relationship with the local churches is of great importance to The Ark and we value their continued input and support at each stage of our journey.

Partner Churches
The churches currently partnered with the work of The Ark are: St Ninian's Episcopal Church, Ayr Auld Kirk, Ayr Baptist Church, Ayr Free Church, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Monkton and Prestwick North Parish Church, Newton Wallacetown Parish Church, Riverside Evangelical Church, Southside Christian Fellowship, St Andrew’s Parish Church, St Columba’s Parish Church, St Leonard’s Parish Church, St Nicholas Parish Church and St Paul’s Roman Catholic Church.
Our Vision
Transcending denominations, the original intention of The Ark was (as it is now) not to prosletize but to get alongside young people and act as positive role models in their lives.