As the work of The Ark progressed, we noticed a large number of young people congregating outside the venue. Some were involved in the consumption of alcohol so could not gain entry to the event due to our strict non-alcohol policy. Others just preferred to hang around outside - particularly in the milder summer months. In response to this development, our Outreach work was launched. With initial funding from the South Ayrshire Council Alcohol and Drug Partnership, we were able to recruit two part-time youth and outreach workers who began work in October 2009. Originally targeting young people at the weekend, this work has now grown to include a lunchtime outreach at a local secondary school.

The Ark Team
The team seek to engage with young people who are hanging around the streets, some of whom are disengaged from other mainstream services. Building up relationships and becoming a recognisable and trusted face in the community, the team positively challenge young people on issues such as underage drinking, relationships and any other topic that the young people decide to bring up in the course of a conversation!
Outreach Workers
The outreach workers can tackle a wide range of issues and situations. On any given night, the team could be involved in encouraging young people to willingly give up their alcohol, delivering Brief Interventions (a recognised technique used to at the time of engagement to help reduce alcohol consumption by challenging individuals to think about the issue in a different way and/or encouraging safer consumption), intervening in potentially risky behaviour or simply being a supportive and friendly ear to a young person who is struggling.