A Scorcher of a week!

Week 4 was the hottest yet! On day 1 we headed outdoors to make Tie Dye t-shirts. The young people grabbed a tee and water balloon added the dye and water to then aimed and threw their balloons at their tee's to make a splatter affect. Check out the colourful result below.

Trip Tuesday we headed to LA Bowl for a very fun and energetic game of laser tag, some lunch and then ten pin bowling.

Day 3 was giant games day! The young people took on lots of fun games...blaze pods, snakes and ladders, chalk hopscotch, giant Jenga, limbo and more.

Day 4, was the hottest of the summer yet so that meant we were hitting the beach!

The week was rounded up with a Wild West night, young people grabbed their cowboy hats and took the Rodeo Bull by the horns.

We would like to say a massive thank you to those who have funded and supported our Summer Programme - Mickel Trust, Cashback for Communities, Foundation Scotland - Response Recovery & Resilience, Youth Scotland, Christina May Hendrie and South Ayrshire Council.

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