A sizzling start to Ayr Ark's Summer Programme

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Young people made the most of their first week of the Summer holidays down at the Ayr Ark and the weather did not let them down, with blue skies and bright sunshine, the week kicked off with the Slippy Dippy Obstacle Course . Young people were split into to teams and had to race against the clock to see which team could complete the obstacle course quickest whilst collecting stars for extra points. It wasn't quite as simple as that though, the opposing team challenged those on the obstacle course by attacking with water guns and water balloons. Team Specials completed the course together in just 12 minutes, winning the trophy!

Day 2's Trip Tuesday was a visit to M&D's, Scotland's only theme park. Hitting 23 degrees, it's fair to say the water rides were the favourite of the day.

Day 3 we hit the beach for Beach Games & Picnic. The young people braved the cold Scottish waters, played fun beach ball games, rounders, turned one of the boys into a sand mermaid and built and set their own fire to toast marshmallows.

Lights, Camera....Action! Day 4 hosted a Movie Night, and the young people voted for their favourite movie, to hit the big Ark screen. The chosen movie was Disney's Brave.

Mocktail madness, on the final day of week 1. Young people made their very own Mocktails, garnishing them with fruit, squishy cream, mini umbrellas and flamingos.

We would like to say a massive thank you to those who have funded and supported our Summer Programme - Mickel Trust, Cashback for Communities, Foundation Scotland - Response Recovery & Resilience, Youth Scotland, Christina May Hendrie and South Ayrshire Council.

A big thanks to pupils from Queen Margaret Academy organised and ran some of these events as part of their Dynamic Youth Award, they done an amazing job! We can't wait for week 2!

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