Creative Week Three

Week three lead young people to reach for their full creative potential. Day 1 was Make it Monday - Milkshakes. From chocolate to vanilla and strawberry, young people created their own milkshake and added their own garnishes to make it unique.

Day 2 we hit the road and headed to Blair Drummond Safari Park.

Day 3 hosted a pizza party! Young people grabbed their dough, choose their own toppings and whilst their pizza was cooking designed their own pizza box to take their leftovers home. Once they indulged in their pizza's it was time to take a swing for Pizza Piñ sweeties everywhere!

On Day 4, the young people joined the Active Travel Hub and helped upcycle and re-design a couple of old bikes. Choosing from metallic coloured spray paint, swirl decorations, gems and pom poms they created their master pieces. We then headed to social media and made a poll for people to vote for their favourite team bike and the winner was Team Swaggy. The young people didn't all leave empty handed though as they were all gifted a goodie bag each from the Active Travel Hub.

On the Friday evening we hosted a Throwback party with some classic dance tunes and party games.

Thank you to those who have funded and supported our Summer Programme - Mickel Trust, Cashback for Communities, Foundation Scotland - Response Recovery & Resilience, Youth Scotland, Christina May Hendrie and South Ayrshire Council.

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