Mentoring Matters

The past year has been tough, particularly for young people. The list of young people who require help through mentoring is ever growing and we want to make sure we can provide them with the best support possible. Our team is currently working in partnership with local Secondary schools, Queen Margaret Academy, Ayr Academy and Belmont Academy delivering one to one tailored support unique to each young person. At the beginning of the year we were granted £500 from Ayr South and Coylton Locality Group to help us strengthen our mentoring resources to be able to support a wide range of young people.

Our new and exciting resources from Youthscape will allow us to tackle a whole host of issues that young people are facing such as anxiety, low self-esteem, disengagement in education and anti-social behaviour. The resources will be a fun way to get young people talking and will help us lead them down the correct path to positive health and well-being. We are excited to get back into schools and working with the young people face to face again.

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