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At the Ayr Ark we seek to engage with young people aged 11-18 years through events, after school clubs, outreach and mentoring. We aim to equip all young people through our varous group such as our secondary school mentoring programme, our Empower Autism groups and our young volunteers team. We also want to help empower them to realise their potential and make steps towards a positive and fulfilled future..

Our goal is to provide a safe space where they can escape the many peer pressures that young people face today. We do this through our various after school clubs and by being a consistant support with the aim to help them better themselves by making good decisions and also by promoting positive mental health and healthy wellbeing. Here at the Ayr Ark we have created a safe enviroment where the young people feel comfortable with sharing the various issues they may be facing at the time.

Mentoring is more important than ever in our current climate. We feel so passionately about those who's personal circumstances may be affecting their education, mental health or wellbeing. To help combate this our staff are working in partnership with 5 Secondary schools across South Ayrshire to deliver a mentoring programme that focuses on being a consistant role model in the lives of these vulnerable young people.

Here at the Ayr Ark we are also passionate about neurodiverse young people and have expanded our Empower Autism after school club to two nights. Empower Autism is a group created for autistic young people who thrive under less stimulated circustances. We seek to provided a group where they can meet with like minded people but within a quiet, small group without the bright lights and loud music.

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